About us

About us

AML Holding a.s., is a Czech investment company. It encompasses engineering companies and service in transport. The company desires to build strong companies which will be leaders in their fi eld or professions.

Founded in 2011, AML Holding a.s., is relatively new but is already a major player in the market place. Our less than traditional approach to problem resolution has brought success not only for us but for our partners and for our employees. In our projects we strive to combine goals and thereby create lasting social value because we value the environment in which we are able to thrive.

Our portfolio includes CUTCO Steel s.r.o., which deals with dividing material, forming, machining and surface treatment; PANAV, a.s., which manufactures vehicles and fl atbeds; and it’s center, which sells replacement parts for trailers and trucks.. Young companies include AML Aviation s.r.o., collaborating with aircraft operators, and AML Services s.r.o., which provides consultancy services for group members. The newest company is KLIMA s.r.o., which is a leading Czech manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment and welded structures for industrial use.

We are a responsible employer which places importance on team work and personal development of our employees. An important part of our work is our relationship with the public.


AML Holding a.s.
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